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Project Description
SwapWin is a tiny and handy tool which swaps windows on different screens.
Developed in both C#/.NET 3.5 and C++/Win32API.

If you have two or more monitors and use them as much as I do, then you can take advantage of this tool. E.g., you are working on Visual Studio with a browser opened to google for help on the other monitor. When you are typing code and leave the web page just as a reference, everything is fine. You just move your head and check the reference on the other monitor. But when you want to read some article for a while, or google the whole internet looking for some solution, you may hear your neck complaining and would like to move the window to your main monitor. Why not exchange their positions and make Visual Studio as a reference on the secondary monitor? This is how SwapWin can serve you.

Current problems:
  • Does not resize window if moving between screens of different sizes.
  • Cannot define custom check points - currently using centers of working areas.
  • Does not support hotkey itself (you can try AutoHotKey to get it).

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